(I think I'd like to be an alien)

Somedays, if not most days, I can't help but think this guy is right. From an OT post to the Microsound list:

RE: [microsound] Re: OT: (politics)

The population are helples sheep: both in mentality and they are preyed on by politicians and media. The system does not allow just anyone to get power. In the US you have to have a lot of dosh, (the deposits keep going up in UK too). you have to repeat the same old populist crap as laid out on TV and in the newspapers (ie: racist, xenophobic, intolerant attitudes) or noone will listen. You have to join a party, usually one of 2 choices, you have to wear a suit, and you have to take a particular side....again as laid out in the media. There is only ever black or white; never grey. Hence the morons in the population
get the politicians they deserve: Greedy, Rich Morons.

I won't go into the fact that power corrupts anyway. All I want to do is use the tools which capitalism provides to corrupt and disillusion a few intelligent individuals as I don't see much hope for humanity changing, and to what anyway? The alternatives were all thought up by human beings. (I think I'd like to be an alien). luv chris

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