[Montreal blogville]

Yes, it took some time, but I finally ran into a cadre of interconnected Montreal bloggers after ploughing into the musically-talented, graphic designer & urban nut AJ (check his blog, West of the Expressway & this recent post on new audio gadgets for OSX). The entire YUL blogville (YUL is the airport code) can be found at the YULblog & YUlmetablog for those with Trackback aggregates posts. There's quite a few, so as I pick my way through, I'll start throwing them in:

- QuiLL, although badly in need of updating, documents the trials & frustrations of becoming a Canadian resident in Quebec;
- Dandruff mixes poetry with tech-talk & photos;
- the Montreal City Weblog covers news & events;
- Attaboy covers Canadian & Quebec politics;
- Urbanphoto.net is edited by Christopher DeWolf, Chris Szabla and Colin Kent, who remix pics w/ politics & essays;
- Geekwardho has some great pics of Montreal's cityscape, including this memorable moment (the traffic here is bad):

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