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Interesting travels of the seme--someone has Disinfo'ed the Matrix Multitudes post [original here; which also ended up in the Seme paper].

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"Strange & unruly things unpeel from the networks, crawling, slithely slithering across the darkened husk that was Earth at the dusk of consciousness..."

Or, thus the seme slithers-- the argument-as-meme-concerning-seme spreads through a network that operates auto-affectively. It links back to itself in order to move forward--a forward which would advance only by a horizontal sideshuffle. A sideshuffle that would nonetheless be supplementary. Back to its own it references (at) the exterior.

Thus the seam is constructed, even at this point, through the meme's necessity. The two can never be separated. They operate as oscillating poles of a binary. [Theoretically this would be the deconstruction of the Deleuzian experiental concept process of -duction that ghost-traces the seme].We come to stitch the seme. Tie it down.

Art can happen here. It can happen not in the creation of the content of the idea/meme, but in attempting to project, virtually project via memory, the route at which a particular seme will spread its tentacles [or, in what amounts to the same, the way in which the tentacle/s spread/s the seme/s]. Art is no longer of the concept. It is of the performative mapping of the spread/s. The lines themselves insofar as the line becomes trajectorial tracing.

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