You're Going to Hell, Dad -- Christians Slapping Back

[Roman Catholic niceties @ your Funeral & the new Christian Policy]

Another reason why I scoff in the face of "religion," especially the variant known as "organised." How nice to know that the Roman Catholic Church will pronounce, at your--or let's say your father's--funeral, that '"the Lord vomited people like Ben [your father] out of his mouth to hell." Long live Nietzsche ... Read all the funnies at the BBC . This reminds me of some family comments that were supposed to remain quiet-- & it also reminds me of the lawsuit being brought against Prof. Lorraine Weir and a few others in the English Department @ UBC... Here's a link to the Panarticon column I wrote on the whole affair -- here's a news piece in the Vancouver Courier -- if you want to read the wonderful support for the lawsuits from the ever hospitable "Right Wing," see Google here.

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