Negativland presents: JACK v. Clear Channel

[Negativland presents: JACK v. Clear Channel]

Negativland is up to their old pranks again, combatting Clear Channel corporate radio with the fake investigative radio journalist, "Jack Diekobiscz." On a tell-all website and broadcast, "Jack" reveals that Seattle's KHR-FM is not playing the hits and tunes for which it is mandated:

"Negativland, known for their media-critiquing music collage and culture
jamming hoaxes and pranks, outed KJR-FM on charges that it played at least
114 different songs from the early to mid-1980's, despite marketing
themselves as being a "Just the Greatest Hits of the '60's and '70's" radio
station. Negativland members noticed that it was virtually impossible to
listen for even a short period of time without hearing hits from such
quintessential 80's artists as Huey Lewis and the News, Air Supply, Men at
Work, Cyndi Lauper, and many others. KJR recently pushed the envelope
further by adding "Kokomo," a 1988 hit by The Beach Boys.

In a moment of maniacal inspiration, Negativland decided to point out this
ridiculous deception by sabotaging the public's perception of the station.
The group created an online rebuffing of Clear Channel, KJR-FM, and KJR
Program Director Bob Case, in a tabloid-style internet magazine parody,
complete with damning evidence and scathing audio commentary. Disguised as
the abrasive, misguided and over-the-top outlaw media journalist "Jack
Diekobiscz", Negativland cited Clear Channel's contempt for its listeners
and willingness to lie and re-write music history for profit. Negativland
claims their stunt was an obtuse and funny way to draw attention to Clear
Channel's much-criticized involvement in the general dumbing-down and
homogenization of radio as the company, with the blessings of the FCC,
continues to gobble up station after station across the USA.


Contact Clear Channel with your questions or comments:
Lisa Dollinger, VP of Corporate Communication
Tel. 210-822-2828
E-mail -

Contact KJR-FM Program Director Bob Case at:
Tel. 206-421-9595
E-mail -

KJR-FM online playlist:

The "Pat Pack" Pat Cashman message board: "

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