/recovering from the green prophet-- OM is a bust;

.absence @ OM & preliminary words on Sonar 2003

..& my deepest apologies to those who may have seen my name on the bill at Toronto's OM festival. While I would have enjoyed DJing this fine event (which echoes with my West Coast ways), my emails seemed to have disappeared into the aether... specifically the ones relating to exactly how I was to get there, as I was coming in from the Sonar festival in Barcelona a few days previous. Them's the details. As for Sonar.. here are some words sent to .microsound.org , an early preliminary reconnaissance on the project:

Trying to recover from a week-long liquid diet of a strange, green substance @ 8 euros a bottle .. primarily containing some Magick Ingredient known as Thujone; language still seems too unstable to even begin to characterise how I ended up on the beach with the hotel clerk & the entire potted palm --

& why were those 3000 motorcyclists protesting the insurance rates, anyway, roaring down Balmes at 11am, right when anyone sane enough to sleep through the lower nighttime 30s and 90% humidity was nursing headaches with morning espresso-rum combinations? And what the hell did geometric arm-pumping have to do with a Kompakt showcase-- & for that matter, how did my notebook end up in the hands of the Empire? Security breaches on all fronts; the most vital details will have to remain in code.

When it all comes 'round something will be fermented to
http://www.dustedmagazine.com ..

Words soon enough .. perhaps some ibogaine will settle this.




On another note, I am still striving to get this blog operating properly. Let's hope with all the time that has been spent configuring this software that I stick with this particular brand of blog.

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