DJ dates in the next few weeks & SAT Jam_Sessions //

[mid-July DJ dates & SAT Jam_Sessions]

A note on a few gigs upcoming. I'm playing for the academes on Friday, July 4th @ IASPM , Thompson House, in Montrą©al.

I'm also curating three of the Jam_Session "electronic laboratories" @ the SAT here in Montrą©al: Wednesday, July 9th from 7pm-10pm; Tuesday, July 15th from 5pm to 10pm; and Thursday, July 17th from 4pm to 10pm. Session guests include Daniel Gardner aka Frivolous, who records on Background Records [and who just moved here from Vancouver] and ex-Winnipegger DJ Fishead [probably Canada's most underrated experimental turntablist]. Expect live experimental drones & field recordings, live abstract & quirky minimal techno, and techno-experimental turntablism.

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