[1] Diebold - Programming US Elections for Maximum Results

[Diebold - Programming US Elections for Maximum Results]

If you haven't been keeping touch with the various reports of global catastrophe, here's two issues that, in my mind, will offer a linchpin signal to the books of history .. every historian has his or her favourite moment where, in reading backwards, we manage to see where it all went wrong, despite the population, at the time of the infraction, seeming unaware & oblivious, unable to do anything, ignorant, or as usual, all three (& usually due, I think, to forces--media and otherwise--which are beyond 'our' control, 'ideology' at a level that is of technology, with all Marxist problematics, for the moment, held aside). Nonetheless, we can see these two issues before our eyes: and it is the responsibility of conscience to speak out.

The first issue is Diebold, the computer elections, voting-machine manufacturer in the US. The Diebold machines are not only unreliable, buggy, and suspicious, with the owner of the company a donating Republican (who has made some curious comments about 'bringing home the votes' for the Party), but the company itself seems disorganised, chaotic, internally a mess, and utterly, if we can say so, corrupt--at least in the sense of corrupt in their ethics of producing what should be reliable voting machines. Here's a few links to get started, which link to the Diebold internal memos, memos that Diebold is now trying to suppress (with cease-and-desist orders). To spread the information...

blogs covering this: Berkeley , Cheese Bikini, NQB, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Here's the index of the Diebold mailing lists with the internal memos.

Why-War.com has a series of excerpts, comments, and actions.

Cheesebikini has a super-informative blogpost on the subject, with full links, etc.

Check the next entry for Issue 2: Postcolonial Study deemed 'Anti-American' .

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