Non-Linear History & Empire: Conference

[Non-Linear History & Empire: Conference]

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"Global networks after de Landas' A Thousand Years of Non-Linear History and Hardt and Negri's Empire."

The American Comparative Literature Association will host a meeting April 15 to 18 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Taking its point of departure from two texts--de Landa's A Thousand Years of Non-Linear History, and Hardt and Negri's Empire--proposals should address any of these texts in the context of contemporary issues of globalization. Specific proposals addressing the ways in which these texts transform the concept of networks in a comparative and/or global context are especially welcome. Please send abstracts to both Phillip Armstrong, and Gene Holland.


Phillip Armstrong and Gene Holland

Ohio Statue University

Department of Comparative Studies

Ohio State University

308 Dulles Hall

230 West 17th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

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